Write For Us

If you would like to publish your work on Because I Am Human© blog, we would love to host your views and experiences regarding social justice, liberation, and/or human rights causes on our Guest Writers page here. Just send us an email here with the following information:

  • what social justice/liberation/human rights topics you might be interested in writing about (click here to see a non-exhaustive list of the issues BIAH focuses on)
  • about how often you would like to contribute to our blog (one time only, monthly, etc)
  • and a brief mention of your writing qualifications (e.g., an excerpt from something you have already written, a list of your writing experience, skills, and/or talents, etc.)

Due to previous issues with non-serious offers to write for the BIAH blog, we do ask that anyone inquiring about guest or semi/permanent blogger positions do, in fact, intend on submitting an article to us. We also expect that you have taken a moment to familiarize yourself with our social justice philosophy, as we cannot publish material contrary to our ideology. For more information on Because I Am Human© views, goals, and policies, check out our About section here, BIAH Policies here, and our Glossary and 101 Resources here. Additionally, please refrain from submitting any form of advertisements. Thank you.

Instructions for Submitting Articles:

  • There are no word minimums/maximums, but please proof read your article for basic grammar and typos.
  • Please feel free to submit an image with your article; however, only images submitted via PDF format with an accompanying typed image description will be considered.
  • We also suggest submitting your article via non-editable PDF format, as well, to provide better security to your intellectual property.

Thank you for following these guidelines when submitting you article. Our admins are all unpaid volunteers, and following these instructions will help us process your submissions quicker.

Please Note: We keep all authors’ identity and personal information confidential unless given explicit permission to do otherwise. Additionally, we value intellectual integrity and property rights; therefore, any and all changes to every submitted article must be approved by the author(s) prior to publication. Credit for all written work is given to the author(s), unless they explicitly ask to remain anonymous. However, Because I Am Human© reserves the right to exclude or remove any content from our sites at any time for any reason so long as the author(s) is informed.

Interested In Becoming a BIAH© Admin?

If you are interested in becoming an admin for any BIAH© sites (blog, Facebook, and/or Twitter), OR a permanent writer and/or editor for our blog, just fill out the Because I Am Human© Admin Application here.


2 thoughts on “Write For Us

    • If you would like to write for us just email us at: becauseiamhuman@gmail.com with the subject line: “Contributing to BIAH blog,” and tell us what topics you’re interested in writing about, how often you’d like to contribute, and a short sample of your writing (it could be something you’ve already written and published, or something new). Due to previous issues of non-serious offers to write for the BIAH blog, we do ask that people applying for a guest or semi-permanent writer position do in fact intend on writing for us, thank you.

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