I seem to have been banned/blocked from one or more Because I Am Human© sites and I don’t know why, what can I do?
If you feel you have been unfairly banned or blocked from BIAH’s Facebook page, blog, or Twitter please contact us here. We promise to approach your situation in a fair and open-minded manner. If you were banned unfairly, or if we feel a misunderstanding occurred, we will be happy to rectify the situation.

Does Because I Am Human© associate with any particular political party or ideology?
Because I Am Human© does not associate with any specific political party from any country. And our political ideology is best summed up by “radical, insectional, and socialist feminism;” however, that hardly breaks the surface of our ideological focus. We also recognize certain political parties (and ideologies) are more in line with ideologies regarding intersectional social justice, liberation, and human rights. While we do not wish to exclude anyone based solely on their affiliation with a particular political party, we cannot host any views/ideologies that conflict with the ideologies and movements we support and promote.

Please note: BIAH© admins and writers have differing political affiliations and ideologies, but they all support our social justice, liberation, and human rights message.

So, is Because I Am Human© Apolitical?
No. We fully acknowledge the promotion of social justice, liberation, and human rights for disadvantaged/marginalized people is a political endeavor. However, by “political” we mean, “of the populace” (i.e., originating with the residents of different states/nations/governing bodies/etc.) AND “regarding the state structure and governing regime” (i.e., affecting and/or changing the nature of the state/government and affecting and/or removing those in power).

Why are all images published on Because I Am Human© sites also described in their captions?
We usually include brief descriptions of what an image looks like and type out any text contained in the image because visually impaired folx often use audio-assisted computer software that reads text but not images, nor text on images. We want our content to be accessible to everyone.

Why does Because I Am Human© spell “folx” with an “X”?
In some languages the word “folks” is a gendered noun, and gendered language can be exclusionary, especially to non-binary genders. Using “folx” instead is an easy way to avoid reinforcing the gender binary, and therefore includes all genders. You can think of “folx” as an all-encompassing, completely gender neutral term, such as “humans.” 

Many people have asked in what language is “folks” without an x gendered, and how does the x make it neutral? First, it is important to remember English is not the only language; nor do most other languages function like English. In Spanish, for example, all nouns are gendered – either masculine or feminine – which excludes non-binary genders. Modifying a word and inserting an x can include all genders, because an x can signify an unknown or neutral variable. Also, please keep in mind, all words are technically made up and language  (like most things) evolves over time. 

Because I Am Human© claims to be a “Safe Space,” what does that mean? Safe for whom?
All BIAH© sites are “safe spaces” for all marginalized and/or disadvantage people and groups. This means we have a zero tolerance policy for abuse and discrimination directed toward any marginalized/disadvantaged person(s). When someone lacks social/political/economic/etc. privilege and power they are often unable to have constructive discussion, or otherwise free expression, in non-safe spaces. When those with privilege and power are permitted to treat people without privilege and power however they like within spaces specifically made for those who are marginalized/disadvantaged, those spaces end up being co-opted by the privileged and powerful. They are thus allowed to move into a space designed for the oppressed and silenced and further oppress and silence them, and therefore reinforce current privilege/power hierarchies. Because I Am Human© offers a break from the oppression and discrimination faced by so many of us on a regular basis.

What do you mean by “Social Justice?”
Social justice is a process, not an outcome, which seeks equitable (re)distribution of resources, opportunities, privileges, and responsibilities within society. Social justice places the burden of rights allocation on institutions and the larger community rather than on individuals; i.e., individuals are not solely responsible for obtaining, exercising, and protecting their rights. Additionally, the process of social justice challenges the roots of oppression, injustice, and inequality that are within society and often exist at a foundational level in institutions, politics, cultures, and other social structures.

(this definition is BIAH’s own, but was formed from a conglomerate of definitions of social justice from UC Davis School of Education, the New Oxford American Dictionary, Aristotelian interpretations of social justice, and John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice)

Why does Because I Am Human© promote Liberation rather than Equality?
“Equality” implies all humans are somehow inherently the same, or at least could be, and therefore we all start life on equal footing. We do not believe this is the case. Everyone begins at different points on the social “ladder” due to social and structural stratification and hierarchies; therefore, everyone has different opportunities, privileges, resources, and power. Even within a single social group there are inequalities. Take, for example, Black Americans: Yes, Black Americans are disproportionately subject to institutionalized discrimination and racism, racialized violence, poverty, and more, but within the Black community there are further inequalities, such as those between women and men and those between trans people and cisgender people.

In addition, the concept of equality includes certain connotations that BIAH© does not support, such as assimilation as a solution to inequality, lack of structural (aka: “radical”) critiques, and an emphasis on procedural rights over expanding access to resources.

Liberation is therefore preferable. Rather than striving to be included, or assimilated, into existing [problematic] structures, liberation seeks to free disadvantaged and oppressed groups from those harmful structures, and then challenges those structures which are rooted in inequalities and power hierarchies. A liberation approach seeks to restructure society in a way that accommodates people’s inherent differences.

What does Because I Am Human© mean by “education and critical inquiry?”
When we say we promote social justice “through education and critical inquiry,” what we mean is we aim to provide access to educational resources about social justice issues, engage in, and encourage others to engage in, critical analysis of those resources. The BIAH© team works very hard to compile and create resources on a variety of social justice issues, and we are happy to do so. One of our primary goals is to provide educational material. However, we do not spoon feed information. Education requires work from all parties involved; the educator must provide and explain information, and the educatee must work to locate and understand that information. Education is a two-way street, so please do not demand BIAH© admins educate you without putting forth any effort yourself. We do expect a degree of proactive self-education.

Can I admin and/or write for Because I Am Human©?
Yes! We are always looking for writers to contribute to our blog, and you can learn more here. If you’re interested in becoming an admin for our Facebook page, please fill out the Because I Am Human© Admin Application here.

Someone on a Because I Am Human© site is harassing/threatening/discriminating against me, what should I do?
If someone is using BIAH© sites to harass or discriminate we want to know about it, so please send us a message or email with screenshots and/or details of the incident. You can also block an individual on most social media websites which prevents them from seeing your personal information or any of your comments/posts. Reporting the individual to the website is often another option; however, BIAH© cannot guarantee the website will take action. Additionally, BIAH© policies are not necessarily the same as those of the websites we use.  

Something Because I Am Human© posted on one of their sites makes me uncomfortable, upset, or has offended me, what should I do?
We realize some of the content on our sites is difficult to discuss and can even be triggering; however, we also believe it is crucial to discuss these issues regularly. Through continued discussion we wish to encourage education and activism. If you are concerned about content that we have posted please feel free to contact us here. We strongly encourage thought-provoking and challenging discussions, and we also appreciate being informed of any inappropriate content we have published or promoted.

Please note, if you come to our page looking for “good vibes” please move along. We are not in the business of catering to those who have the luxury of constant comfort. We talk about hard issues, issues that matter, issues that affect people’s safety and daily lives. The topics covered here should make you uncomfortable. The world is not a pleasant place for many of us. But we have to talk about these things; we have to deal with them. Racism, sexism, transphobia, class inequality, economic imperialism, colonization – no these aren’t fun, fluffy topics. But they’re important, and we can’t keep sweeping them under the rug. We will not apologize for making you uncomfortable; if you’re comfortable with the way the world is something is wrong.

Do any Because I Am Human© admins or writers make money out of this?
No, none of the admins or writers for BIAH© are paid for their time. Nor are they permitted for asking BIAH© fans and followers for money. We do promote organizations that accept donations and even encourage our fans and followers to donate to them, but we never accept any money ourselves. If someone claims they are from Because I Am Human© and asks you for money it is a scam.


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