Comment Policy

Comments will be removed, and users may be banned/blocked, if said comment contains (as deemed by the admins of this page) discrimination, harassment, or abuse. This policy is intended to ensure a safe space for everyone – especially those in marginalized or disadvantaged positions. Threats, discrimination, harassment, hate speech, and microaggressions directed toward any individual person or group (i.e., race, ethnic group, nationality, sex, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, age, religion, any mental or physical impairment, etc.) will not be tolerated. The easiest way to avoid being banned/blocked is to simply think before speaking/typing, and to consider any potentially harmful consequences of your words. This greatly helps us maintain safe spaces on all Because I Am Human© sites. Thank you.

The following will result in immediate removal of the comment, and the commenter will likely be banned:

  • Misogyny in any form, including but not limited to…
    • slut-shaming/sex-shaming
    • body-shaming
    • rape apologizing
    • anti-choice rhetoric
    • paternalism
    • equating womanhood to gender stereotypes (e.g., motherhood) and/or judging if someone is a ‘real’ or ‘good’ woman
  • Misogynior
  • Anti-sexworker rhetoric, including but not limited to…
    • Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminism (SWERF)
    • whorephobia
    • equating all sex work to human/sex trafficking
    • policing other people’s sex-acts
  • Homophobia
  • Queerphobia
  • Heterosexism
  • Cissexism
  • Monosexism
  • [Gender] Binarism
  • Any form of trans exclusion, including but not limited to…
    • transphobia
    • transmisogyny
    • transmedicalism
    • sex essentialism
    • Trans Exclusive Radical Feminism (TERF)
  • Erasure of any sexual orientation/identity, including but not limited to…
    • bisexual erasure
    • pansexual erasure
    • asexual erasure
    • demisexual erasure
  • Racism in any form, including but not limited to…
    • white supremacy
    • White Feminism™
    • unchecked white privilege and/or the [attempted] validation of white privilege
    • “reverse racism” rhetoric
    • colour-blind racism
    • discrimination based on ethnicity and/or nationality
    • discrimination toward indigenous peoples
    • genocide apology/support
  • Racism and/or discrimination toward immigrants/migrants, including but not limited to…
    • hostility toward immigrants/migrants based on their immigrant/migrant status
    • assumption of criminal background/activity/status/etc.
    • victim-blaming migrant-refugees
  • Islamophobia
  • Appropriation of other cultural practices, symbols, material goods, ideologies, etc.
  • Ethnocentrism
  • Victim-blaming of any kind
  • Classism
  • Ableism in any form
  • Ageism
  • Derailing arguments via
    • invalidating the experiences of others, especially those in vulnerable/disadvantaged positions
    • tone policing
    • gaslighting
    • imposing universal rules on others based on one’s own personal experience or on anecdotal evidence
    • appeals to/claims about “reverse oppression”
    • trolling/spamming (includes concern trolling)

If you feel you have been banned/blocked unfairly, please let us know hereWe promise to approach your situation in a fair and open-minded manner. If you were banned unfairly, or if a mistake/misunderstanding occurred, we will quickly and happily rectify the situation. If you have any other concerns, questions, or suggestions please feel free to contact us, as we encourage open dialogue between ourselves and our followers.

Note on Constructive Commenting vs. Empty Commenting:
While we do not ban people for making empty comments, Because I Am Human© would greatly appreciate if your comments could be constructive in some way. Questions, counterpoints, engaging in meaningful discussions with other other commenters, sharing your own experience regarding the original post, adding to or expanding on the original post, etc. are all constructive contributions. Empty comments – such as saying, “you’re wrong,” without any further explanation – are not constructive ways of engaging with others. Please help us maintain a constructive and proactive atmosphere that facilities in our social justice goals, learning, and personal growth by refraining from making empty comments. Thank you.

Note on Language:
We all choose what kinds of language we use. Because I Am Human© sites are safe spaces; therefore, we promote, and expect, respectful, thoughtful language. We expect everyone to be mindful of how their language may affect others, and to choose non-marginalizing, non-oppressive words. Gendered language, ableist language, discriminatory language, invalidating language, etc. will not be tolerated. We realize everyone says something problematic at times; however, since this is place of education and growth, we will call out harmful and oppressive language, and we encourage our fans and followers to do the same.

Note on Free Speech:
Freedom of speech means the government may not punish you for what you say. Freedom of speech does not mean Because I Am Human© is legally obligated to host your views/ideologies. In short, everyone may say whatever they like, but BIAH© does not have to host it on our Facebook page, blog, Twitter, or on any of our other sites. Having the right to speak doesn’t translate into having the right to be listened to.

Note on Allyship:
Allies are people who want to fight for the rights and causes of marginalized groups, but are not themselves a member of those groups. While allies are appreciated, and certainly a benefit to liberation and social justice movements, allies can also [often unintentionally] further harm the group they want to support.

Because allies are not themselves marginalized (at least not in the same ways as those they are supporting), it is important for allies recognize their privilege(s). It is also important for allies to listen to those who are part of the marginalized group, because no matter how smart or knowledgeable an ally is they can never know exactly what life is like for the members of that marginalized group. This roughly translates into, “don’t tell people of colour/women/LGBTQIA+ individuals/etc. how to be ‘good’ people of colour/women/LGBTQIA+/etc. activists.” Instead, be willing to learn from them, ask what they want/need, and offer your support.

A HUGE no-no of allyship is seeking validation for Ally Status from marginalized people. DO NOT DO THIS. Nor should anyone expect a gold star for not being racist, sexist, transphobic, queerphobic, cissexist, classist, ableist, etc. True allies offer support to marginalized people/groups as that support is asked for/needed. We should speak out against injustices faced by marginalized groups, but be sure to not speak for or over members of that group. And we need to call out other privileged individuals on problematic attitudes/behaviors/comments/etc. No one is perfect, and we will all make mistakes as allies; this is okay as long as we are willing to learn from those we aim to support, respond positively when our allyship is critiqued, and apologize for mistakes. Also, please remember that good intentions do not necessarily lead to positive changes; being an ally is about what we do, not what we mean or how we feel.

Note on Privilege:
Everyone comes from different backgrounds with different privileges and disadvantages, and some people have more privilege than others. This does not necessarily mean privileged people lead an easy life, or never experience hardship. However, it does mean they are afforded certain rights, luxuries, advantages, and opportunities that certain other people lack simply because of who they are. We expect everyone to be willing and able to check their privilege (i.e., see beyond their privileged perspectives/views), and to respond positively (i.e., without hostility) when called out on their privilege. Please note, privilege, like oppression, is intersectional; people can be privileged in certain ways and disadvantaged in other ways.

Note on Site Management:
If you would like to apply to be a co-admin for Because I Am Human© please fill out our Admin Application here. If you are interested in writing for our blog visit our Write For Us Page here. However, we do ask that our followers refrain from telling us how to manage our various sites. If you feel you have better content to publish and a better method of running a blog, we suggest starting your own blog. Seriously, do it. If you have something important to say, by all means, create a platform on which to say it. Because I Am Human© sites, however, are not that platform. Anyone repeatedly attempting to manage Because I Am Human© via commenting, derailing threads, or constant private correspondence will be blocked from our site. This does not mean we do not want feedback, or to be called out when we post problematic content. We simply do not appreciate it when people try to manipulate the admin team. Thank you.

Additionally, please be aware that there will be certain topics are admin team will not address for various reasons. Just because we do not address certain topics does not mean they are not important. Often, we simply do not feel qualified to discuss certain topics. For example, our white admins tend to refrain from discussing the issues Black folx face, as that is not their place. If there is something you feel we should include on our sites, please feel free to contact us, or even apply to be a co-admin.


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