Dear Fellow White People: RE Justine Damond Shooting

Dear fellow white people who are shocked and angered by Justine Damond’s murder.
Dear fellow white people who are outraged that a woman was shot by the very police she called for help.
Dear fellow white people who are devastated that a beautiful yoga instructor and bride-to-be’s life was cut short by trigger-happy cops.
Dear fellow white people who are in disbelief an unarmed person would be so carelessly and ruthlessly gunned down by those who are supposed to “protect and serve.”
Where were you?

Where were you when Charleena Lyles was murderer by Seattle police after calling for help?
Where were you when Philando Castle and Sandra Bland, both pillars of their communities, were ripped away from their families and friends by police brutality?
Where where you when literally thousands of unarmed Black folx are murdered by U.S. police?

Dear fellow white people who are demanding “hashtag justice for Justine.”
Dear fellow white people who are appalled that a law abiding person could end up a victim of police violence.
Dear fellow white people who are frantically asking “how is this even possible in my country?”
Why weren’t you listening?

Why weren’t you listening to the cries for justice for Eric Garner, or Mike Brown? Or at least Tamir Rice who was just 12 years old?
Why weren’t you listening to Black and Latin Americans when they told you police violence was a serious and institutional problem that affects all of us?
Why weren’t you listening to Black parents when their young children were routinely terrorized by cops in their own neighborhoods?

If we’re just now getting angry,
if we’re just now paying attention,
if we just now started to care about police brutality.
If we are heartbroken over the death of Justine Damond,
but unmoved by the death of Jordan Edwards.
Please, let’s save our tears.

This is not to say Justine Damond deserved to die. No, she absolutely didn’t.
This is not to say we can’t be saddened or even enraged by her death. No, we absolutely should be.
Nor is this to say that white people have lost the right to be upset over the wrongful shooting of other white people.
And I am sure that Justine was wonderful person who will be missed.

However, we do not get to be outraged over the murder of seemingly wholesome, fair-skinned, conventionally attractive, blonde lady,
while simultaneously ignoring the systemic radicalized violence faced by Black folx, Latin folx, Indigenous folx, and other people of colour.

And as a special note to my fellow white people who are making racist comments about the police officer who shot and killed Justine Damond, kindly go fuck yourselves.
Because I know you’re the same fuckers who say shit like, “all lives matter” and, “stop making everything about race!”
So, sit down and shut the fuck up. You sure as hell don’t get to pretend racism doesn’t exist and then garner sympathy by being a racist piece of shit.

If you would like to read more about this story, I recommend Shaun King’s article on Daily News, “Police brutality jumped a racial fence with Minneapolis cop shooting of Justine Damond” here.


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