I’m a Millennial and Fuck You


Cover of TIME Magazine featuring a white, feminine-presenting, read-headed person laying on their stomach taking a selfie. The issue is titled, “The Me Me Me Generation: Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents: Why they’ll save us

Hi, I’m one of those so called “privileged,” “over-sensitive,” and “lazy” millennials, who refuses to find gainful employment, sits around watching Netflix all day, only cares about internet memes, spends all my time looking at my phone, has a five-second attention span, and is essentially illiterate. And I am so damn sick of people from previous generations shit-talking millennials for having to make the best of shitty situations they contributed to and/or created in the first place!

Millennials are constantly hearing things like, “millennials don’t work hard enough,” or “millennials want to live at home so they can sit around all day and do nothing,” or “millennials are so entitled; they never want to earn anything.” Yeah, us millennials simply lack the ambition to get good, high-paying jobs. Our low wages have nothing to do with baby boomers voting in politicians who completely deregulated the economy, causing college tuition and the cost of living to rise exponentially while wages simultaneous stagnate. And we love having to live at home well into our twenties, or even thirties. It’s just great living with our out-of-touch parents who still treat us like children even thought we do work full time, pay our bills, pay taxes, volunteer, have relationships, have kids, and host of other adult things going on in our lives. Also, how dare we feel entitled to things like a livable wage, health insurance, paid maternity leave, and a couple weeks of paid time off every year when we work forty plus hours every week. How dare we think because we provide quality, full time labor to our employers (who profit from our labor) we should “just be handed” money, health insurance, and a short vacation once a year… It’s not like we’re earning any of that by working… oh, wait.

Even if we’re not entitled, lazy little leeches, we’re still over-sensitive little cry-babies who can’t function in the real world. We’re just a bunch of sissies who need ‘safe spaces’ and ‘trigger warnings.’ Unlike our parents and grandparents, we don’t understand that the world is a rough place. Back in their day, they could say all kinds of racial slurs and call “the gays” f*gg*ts and none of their cis/het, white friends or family would get upset. Hell, they could even racially segregate public spaces to keep those so-not-over-sensitive white feelings in tact. Why do we millennials have to take bigotry and discrimination so personally? What wimps! Creating safe spaces where we can take a short break from racism and queerphobia? Asking  trigger warning be included in classroom content that is likely to trigger PTSD episodes for those who have suffered various forms of trauma? Pussies!

But, let’s not talk about how the same people bitching and whining about us weakling millennials demand every stranger tells them “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays,” or freak out because Starbucks Red Cups don’t have little pictures of Baby Jesus on them, or can’t handle being called “white,” or think “cis/het” is a slur. Really people? How the hell are millennials the over-sensitive ones when you can’t even handle being called white? Like… you are white; you are cis/het. Seriously, what’s your issue?

So, excuse me for being shitty at people who condescendingly explain why I should shut up and accept the colossal mess they helped create. Excuse me for feeling cheated after spending almost $200,000 on a university degree, yet still being unable to land a well-paying job. Not because I’m unmotivated, but because those jobs simply don’t exist. Excuse me for feeling “entitled” to be able to pay the rent on my one bedroom apartment, buy groceries and gas, and have health insurance while working forty plus hours a week. Excuse me for believing I don’t deserve to be abused by bosses even though I do my job extremely well.

And on top of all that, I spend some of my free time trying to make the world a slightly less terrible place and being more socially aware, so excuse me if I binge some Netflix shows every once in a while to unwind. Only to then be made fun of for caring about social/ political/ economic/ environmental problems by the very people who helped create and perpetuate those problems.

“Stupid Millennials” are the most highly educated, yet most underpaid generation. Oh, and we also tend to be more socially conscious, have more diverse circles of friends and family, and donate a higher percentage of our measly income than older generations. So, yeah, fuck you!

/end rant


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