How Many Women Does it Take to Accuse a Man of Rape?


IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Bill Cosby in a black suit, white shirt, and black tie looking downward.

Listed below are the forty-two women (first name and last initial only out of respect, as I did not obtain permission to reprint their information) who have publicly accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault or rape. Additionally, an unknown number of other women have anonymously accused Cosby of sexual assault or rape. Various law enforcement and prosecutors, the media, Cosby’s fans, and most of the general public did not believe these women until it was revealed that Cosby had admitted to drugging women for the purpose of sexually assaulting and/or raping them.

These women’s stories were remarkably similar. The accusations spanned multiple decades, indicating a pattern of assault. While some of these women did file civil suits (it is important to note that civil suits were filed after other legal avenues had proved unfruitful), most of these women gained nothing by reporting their assaults and many were harassed, shamed, or otherwise victimized further after they went public. A few women did receive some sort of financial compensation from Cosby, yet money can hardly atone for rape.

Forty-two women publicly accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault and rape, but they were not believed until it was discovered Mr. Cosby himself admitted to it. This is rape culture; where the rapist’s word is worth more than the word of forty-two women.

Andrea C.
Angela L.
Autumn B.
Barbara B.
Beth F.
Beverly J.
Carla F.
Chloe G.
Cindra L.
Donna M.
Heidi T.
Helen G.
Helen H.
Janice D.
Janice B.K.
Joan T.
Jennifer T.
Jewel A.
Joyce E.
Judy H.
Katherine M.
Kristina R.
Lachele C.
Linda B.
Linda K.
Linda T.
Lise-Lotte L.
Louisa M.
Lynn N.
Marcella T.
Margie S.
Michelle H.
P.J. M.
Renita H.
Shawn B.
Sunni W.
Tamara G.
Therese S.
Victoria V.


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