Things I am Tired of Saying


TEXT READS: “FedUp Pissed Off Express”

List is regularly updated because far too many people are ignorant and discriminatory, and sometimes I just need to vent. 

“Sexual assault is never the victim’s fault.”

“Bisexual is the not the same as Gay/Lesbian.”

“Can we stop with the slut-shaming please?”

“Bi people are not ‘confused.'”

“Abortion isn’t about killing babies.”

“Prisoners are people.”

“Native and Indigenous North Americans are not ‘Indians.’ People from India are Indians.”

“That’s racist.”

“That’s sexist.”

“That’s homophobic.”

“That’s transphobic.”

“Sexual orientation is fluid and highly complex. It is not a merely a fleeting  feeling or preference.”

“Evolution is a valid scientific theory… like gravity.”

“If you are pro-life, why do you support capital punishment, war, and cuts to social programs that save lives such as the ACA and WIC?”

“Human rights are more important than religious doctrines.”

“Women are people and should be treated as such.”

“Actually, white privilege does still exist, and acknowledging that doesn’t mean I hate white people.”

“No, women are not fully equal to men yet; not even in supposedly progressive nations like the U.S.”

“No, men are not raped at the same, or higher, rates than women. No, that does mean I think it’s okay for men to be raped.”

“Trans women are women.”

“Sex work is work.”



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