MRAs – a Bunch of Sick Fucks

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: White male presenting person wearing a white t-shirt that reads, “misandry Is The #1 Hate Crime In America.”

As a feminist, I really don’t care for those who actively oppose feminism, such as Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs). I could easily spend 50 pages explaining how and why women are still oppressed, what feminism has achieved and why it is still necessary, and how feminism benefits not only women, but human society as a whole. I could research rape statistics, I could make well-formulated arguments, I might even be able to get such a paper published in an academic journal. I write well, I argue well, and most importantly, I do my research. And when interacting with intelligent, decent human beings, things like facts, research, and well-made, well-developed arguments are convincing. However, those who radically oppose progress, like MRAs, tend to be neither intelligent nor decent. Thus, they have no regard for information or other points of view. Instead, they arm themselves with ignorance and hate.

Now, given the title they have bestowed upon themselves, one might think MRAs care about men, or at least men with similar misogynistic outlooks. But the disgusting truth is Men’s Rights Activists are a bunch of sick fucks who do not give two shits about any human being, male or female, other than their own pathetic selves. Yes, I know I probably sound like an angry feminist. Well, I am angry (I also happen to be feminist, so technically that makes me an angry feminist) and you should be angry too.

Of course, MRAs’ complete lack of humanity, their raging hatred of women and feminists, their total disregard for female victims’ rights, their high degree of idiocy, and their admiration toward male abusers (if they are not abusers themselves) is enough to make my stomach churn. But MRAs’ treatment of and attitude toward men is just as vile as is their treatment of and attitude toward women.

For one, they condone male abusers and rapists, making that the male standard. And if a man is not at the very least apologetic to these male perpetrators, there is something wrong with him. He is effeminate, weak, and quite possibly gay (being gay is bad thing because liking cock is too close to having a vagina, and there is nothing in the world more detestable than having a vagina). In other words, ‘real’ men are assholes who either abuse women directly or abuse women vicariously through their approval of men who directly abuse them. And just think, most of these lovely MRAs are going to reproduce… and probably quite often (seeing as it is a man’s job to impregnate as many females as he can as often as he can). These ignorant, hate-filled bigots will then raise their sons to be rapists and abusers (or, at best, rape and abuse apologists) and their daughters to be oppressed, submissive, victims who have absolutely no self worth. Thus breeding a brand new generation of ignorant, oppressive creeps and ready-made victims.

While MRAs’ idea of what a ‘real’ man should be is, to put it lightly, disturbing, their reactions to male victims is utterly horrifying and vomit-inducing. It came as a massively unpleasant shock when I realized that Men’s Rights Activists like it when men are raped or abused in any way by women. They get excited when they hear stories of men losing custody of their children unjustly. They relish the thought of domestic violence against men. What the hell would make someone take pleasure in another person being raped or abused in any way? Well, in an MRAs’ tiny mind, as long as there is a single man in the world who has been/is being abused by a woman, it is perfectly okay that women are abused by men. That is what MRAs truly want – the ability to justify their abuse of women. They do not care about men’s rights at all; they do not care about any humans. They enjoy abusing women, think they are entitled to abuse women, do not like being labeled as misogynists, and therefore need men to be abused by women so they can say, “look! men are abused by women all the time!” anytime someone calls them out on their crimes. Because if both sexes suffer, it is okay when they make women suffer.

And that is why MRAs do not like feminism. Not only does feminism seek to stop those who abuse women (such as these wonderful MRAs), it strives to combat patriarchy, and patriarchy harms men as well as women. You see, the same patriarchy that says women belong at home with the children also says children are better off being raised by a female parent. Even when a man and a woman are raising kids ‘together,’ the children, according to patriarchy, are primarily the woman’s responsibility. Thus, in custody battles, children, according to patriarchy, should automatically go to the female parent. And the same patriarchy that asks, “what was she wearing?” after a woman is raped by a man also asks, “how does that even work?” after a man is raped by a woman. Because according to patriarchy, men are naturally aggressive and strong, while women are naturally submissive and weak. According to patriarchy, men are nothing more than beasts who cannot control their sex drives, while it is women’s responsibility to keep their virginity preserved under modest clothes in order to be of any value.

For me, it is not very difficult to believe Men’s Rights Activists do not care about men’s rights. In my experience with them, they have all been pretty terrible human beings. Nevertheless, the level of their depravity continues to appall me. And frankly, ‘real’ men ought to be embarrassed to share the Y chromosome with these individuals.



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